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This is a wiki where you can express all sorts of ideas for the popular Flash Game Series Bloons! It's the first and central wiki of the Creative Wiki Union program! Whether it's an idea for a new type of bloon, a new tower, a new agent, a new mechanic that affects gameplay, an idea for a new game in the series, or any crazy thing you can think of that's related to Bloons, it's all acceptable!

If you need anything, contact this Conception Grandmaster, this Conception Master, or this Conception Master!

We've had 3,237 conceptions, 3,938 uploaded files and 563 blog posts since July 2012 and 54 active users in last 30 days.

If you'd like to contribute conceptions, you'll need to log in or sign up for a Wikia account. Once you've done that, simply type the name of your conception into the box below and click the button!

Before Contributing...

If you are wondering if there is any fixed style of editing, the answer is NO! You can edit your conception in a completely free style, as long as it is readable!

Since the Bloons series is currently focused on Bloons Tower Defense, we have the following categories you can contribute to here for that series:

And outside of the usual categories found on most other ideas wikis, we also have something better than that: things that can change the games themselves! Also, we support ideas for the original Bloons series! For these, you can look at:

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News around the wiki

The featured conceptions have been voted! The top conceptions are H.A.R.P.O.O.N., Grenadier Monkey, S.T.U.B., B.F.B., and Redundant Bloon!

Featured Conception

Abyss Bloon
Tremble like the waves when the Bloon god of the deep sea comes! This aquatic abomination is already strong by itself, but it also has a humongous machine that awaits you in the abyss! Can you defeat the ultimate weapon of the oceans?
To see more featured conceptions, go here or refresh this page with this link!

Hey! We had a B.F.B. from BTD5 already! That's right, this is also a B.F.B. from BTD5, except when some graphics are glitching!

To see more featured conceptions, go here or refresh this page with this link!

June&July Poll Results

Here's June and July's poll result:

June-July 2014 Poll Results

As expected, most people look for originality while reading conceptions! It's also our main focus on this site, and what we try to focus on with our conceptions, so thank you for taking the poll to assure our path!

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