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This is a wikia where you can express all sorts of ideas for the popular Flash game series Bloons! Whether it's an idea for a new type of Bloon, a new tower, a new agent, a new mechanic that affects gameplay, an idea for a new game in the series, or any crazy thing you can think of that's related to Bloons, it's acceptable!

If you need anything, contact a Staff Member!

We've had 4,667 conceptions, 6,266 uploaded files and 804 blog posts since July 2012 and 28 active users in last 30 days.

If you'd like to contribute, you'll need to log in or sign up for a Wikia account. Once you've done that, simply type the name of your conception into the box below and click the button!

Before Contributing...

Before Contributing...

If you are wondering if there is any fixed style of editing, the answer is NO! You can edit your conception in a completely free style, as long as it's readable!

Since the Bloons series is currently focused on Bloons Tower Defense, we have the following categories you can contribute to here for that series:

And outside of the usual categories found on most other creative wikis, we also have something better than that: things that can change the games themselves! Also, we support ideas for the original Bloons series! For these, you can look at:

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

3rd Tournament Policies Userbox list Gameplay Mechanics Conception Gallery

News around the wiki

News around the wiki
  • Ongoing
    • Due to certain complications involving one of our oldest users, Discord is under Chatroom Martial Law until someone figures out what the heck has happened. We are sorry for this inconvenience. We will allow posting as soon as the dust settles from recent events.
    • We are currently discussing ways to reward adept conception makers and reviewers! This may involve physical, real-life rewards!! If you want to learn more, please visit our chatroom!
    • We've initiated an operation to rebuild BCoW and make it great again! Find out more information about the plan here!
    • We've initiated an alliance with Conception Wikia and Wikia! These two wikis are led by one of our own users, User:ZathusTheMageV, and is a very popular game, so we hope with this alliance, our wiki will grow further. The terms of this alliance can be found here!
  • Recent
    • We've officially established Standards for conceptions in our wiki! Please give them a good read, everyone, for any conception that doesn't meet these standards will be deleted!
    • We've officially sabotaged the Wikia chat and moved all chatting activities to our Discord chatroom!

Featured Conception

Featured Conception

Monkey mission part 2 Monkey todder

"Monkey mission part 2 Monkey toddler is part 2 of a special mission called Monkey mission.Your job is to protect the monkey toddler"
Author's description

To see more featured conceptions, go here or refresh this page with this link!

Anti-OP Bloon
"Hate OP conceptions? This bloon does too! In fact it would do as far as protesting to stop OP stuff! Though its power may not be too helpful."
Author's description

To see more featured conceptions, go here!

Last month's Poll Results

Last month's poll results

Here's last month's poll results:
Nov 2016 Poll Results Nov 2016 Poll 2 Results
As expected, most people are interested in video games and digital devices, and are willing to help with coding or play-testing the mods. Thank you for voting, guys! ^^

Wiki Activity

Wiki Acitivity

Discord server

If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.

This month's poll


The poll was created at 14:24 on December 9, 2016, and so far 23 people voted.

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