The Blooninja is a bloon that has several abilities. It is also the nemesis of the Ninja Monkey and the Ninja Kiwi. It is a Blue Bloon in a black gi. All blooninjas are camo.

It has 3 attacks:


  1. 'Flash Bomb': Throws a flash bomb that is capable of stunning towers for one second. Damages machines for 0.1 HP. Damages Sentries for 5 HP.
  2. 'Kusarigama Swing': Flips a kusarigama that tangles up the nearest monkey tower, making it unable to attack for three seconds.
  3. 'Sai': Quickly knocks the weapon out of the hand of the nearest Sword Monkey. Cannot use if there are no Sword Monkeys on the screen.


  • HP: 5
  • Speed: Same as a Yellow Bloon
  • Contains: Two camo Black Bloons.
  • Spawned from: N/A

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