"This Monkey Likes Bloons, And Likes Blowing Them Up. Uses A Sudden Pop To Stun Them"


Blast Radius- Like a Bomb Tower

Rate-As a Dart Monkey

Range-As a Long Range Dart Monkey

Attack-Track, 50% More than Range

Speed-As Spike Factory

Stun-Half of Bloon Impact



Path 1

Some Weight-Monkey can hold 5 Bloons at once

Blast Pop-Increases Power, Stun and Effect Area (Power 15, Stun x2, Effect Area as Bigger Bombs)

Tack Bloons-Each Bloon pops into 8 tacks. (Tack Sprayer is 1 of 3)

Ice And Bomb Bloons-Those Explode! Use One at a Time (Ice Bloons Power 10, Radius as Bomb Tower, Bomb Bloons 20 and as Bigger Blast Mortar)

Path 2 High Pressure-Greatly Increases Bloon inflating speed (By 50%)

Spawner Bloons-Each Bloon spawns 2, and up to 6 more if growth enough. (2 Seconds)

Bloon Machine-Inflates thrice as fast!

Bloon Spam Ability-Fills the whole screen with Spawner Bloons (100, To be exact, each Spawner spawns 6. Each Bloon popped gives $1) Recharge: 100 Seconds.

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