Bloon Scanner

The Bloon Scanner is the symbol of the monkeys' cybertechnology! This tower does nothing that affects the bloons themselves, but rather, create a scanning field in its range that can "scan" every bloons that go through it. For each 100 bloons of the same type scanned, it'll create a data orb for that kind of bloons. If you collect the data orb and equip it for a tower, that tower will pop 1 more layer (or 1 more HP) of that type of bloons. Each bloon can only be scanned once!

Price: 500$ on Medium

Path 1

Efficient Scanning

It now only takes 75 bloons scanned for a data orb.

Price: 100$ on Medium

Data Extraction

You can now extract the additional data from a data orb whenever you collect one and execute it to make 100$! Don't worry, the data orb can still be used after that!

Price: 1500$ on Medium

VR Projection

The tower now creates 4 VR turrets to aid it! Each turret can shoot laser beams that can pass through 5 bloons, pop 2 layers off each bloon and also scan those bloons in the process, they fire as fast as a Dart Monkey.

Price: 3200$ on Medium

Data Manipulation

The monkeys have managed to build something that can manipulate the game's data itself and:

  • Slow EVERY bloons down to two thirds of their speed.
  • Increases the fire rate by 50% for EVERY towers
  • Increases the amount of money you get from popping bloons by 50%
  • Decrease every prices by 20%
  • Makes you lose 30% less lives if a bloon goes through.
  • Decrease every bloons' HP by 20%

But be careful though, it's said that Super Monkey had to use the temple cash to to build it and thus left the monkeys' empire poor for a long time!


Price: 108000$ on Medium

Path 2

Compressed Data Orbs

Data orbs now make towers pop 2 more layers/HP instead of 1.

Price: 450$ on Medium

Rescanning Waves

The tower can now scan a bloon multiple times by emitting scanning waves as fast as an Ice Tower. Don't worry, the original scanning field still works.

Price: 1200$ on Medium

Delay Command

The scanning waves can now hack a bloon's data and insert a delay code to it, causing it to stop for a short time when get hit by a wave. However, this is technically not freezing, so even sharp projectiles can pop that bloon! YAY!

Price: 2200$ on Medium

Cyberfield Projector

Special Ability: Change the battlefield into a cyberworld that lasts for 30 seconds, converting everything to vector graphics in the process. In the cyberworld, every bloons are scanned, and scanning waves have unlimited range, and shoots twice faster. Also, vector bloons have only 70% the HP of their normal graphics.

Price: 12000$ on Medium


  • Data Manipulation is so far the only upgrade that's limited and costs Monkey Money.
  • Cyberfield Projector is so far the only upgrade that can change the game's graphics.
  • Path 2 pictures coming soon! Busy for now.