Were you looking for Leonardo Vegara Concha's conception?

Red Bloon


Blue Bloon

Moves one b shorter (1 b is 1/3 inch) per second.

Green Bloon


Pink Bloon

Same properties as a Yellow Bloon from BTD5.

Purple Bloon

Moves at the same speed as a BTD5 Pink Bloon, contains a Pink Bloon.

Orange Bloon

Same as this link. Contains 1 purple bloon

Black Bloon

Same, but contains 2 Orange Bloons.

Bomb-stop Bloon

Stops explosions (Troll Tower, Bomb Tower, etc). It is a White Bloon with a bomb on it. After 3 explosions, explodes, making 2 Orange Bloons fly out of it.

Lead Bloon


Mercury Bloon

Releases poison. The poison takes 50HP damage.

Radioactive Bloon

Releases 1 of 3 radiations. Radiations can only be used once except Gamma.


Towers and agents lose 1001 HP.


Monkeys shoot sunrays for 10 seconds.


The radioactivity picks the tower up and deals 1001 HP.

Only-bomb Bloon

A White Bloon with an O and then a bomb. Can only be popped by bombs, contains 2 Black Bloons.

Only-dart Bloon

Must be popped by darts, a White Bloon with an O and a dart, releases 2 Lead Bloons.

White Bloon

Same, but contains 2 Orange Bloons.

Yellow Bloon

Immune to glue, contains 2 Orange Bloons.

Zebra Bloon


3-striped Bloon

Immune to bombs, ice and glue, contains 1 Black, 1 White and 1 Yellow.

Rainbow Bloon

Same, except it contains 1 Zebra and 1 3-striped.

Ceramic Bloon

Takes 12 hits to pop, releases 2 rainbows.


Takes 300 hits to pop. In other ways, same.


Takes 1000 hits to pop. In other ways, same.




A lead Z.O.M.G.

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