Bloon Filter

Bloon Filter set on Blue Bloon elimination

"This device has a special ability that wipes out all of one type of bloon from the whole screen! You can choose what bloon type to eliminate, although MOAB-class bloons aren't in your choice."

The special ability takes 100 seconds to cool down.


The Bloon Filter costs 250 Monkey Money. It requires 7500 Monkey Money to unlock the Bloon Filter Pro


Bloon Filter Pro

"Pro Upgrade: Hindenburg Simulator! Bloon Filter Pro is now able to destroy MOAB-class bloons, as well as normal bloons! The cooldown for the ability is also reduced."

After 30 placements, you will unlock the Pro Version. The special ability takes 80 seconds to cool down.

Bloon Filter Epic

"Epic Upgrade: Double Blooninator: You can now take 2 Bloons instead of 1.".

  • This ability takes 60 seconds to cool down.

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