Bloon Blasting Club is a beginner track.There is 1 entrance and 1 exit.The bloons go similary to Monkey Lane,exept there is no tubes unlike Tubular and Monkey Lane.Instead,there is a napalm roll on every tube.If you have 20 bomb towers,5 tempest tornados and summun phoenixes,4 of any ray thing and a temple,it will ask that do you want to activate the missle,tornado, phoenix,ray and temple power to every tower you place and the missle ray shooter.Click Yes and every tower you place will have the power of all the things written above and there will be a missle ray shooter.The power written above is Super Ray Temple.This shoots 5 bundles of tornados and dragons breaths at the same time,3 of a temple powers you have,10 ray packs and 30 missles at the same time!! The missle ray shooter is a missle launcher that shoots missles that are ray missles.A blue ray is inside the missles.This secret makes this track a below beginer track that is easier than Alternate World!