• Gurrenm3

    How to mod BTD5

    July 17, 2017 by Gurrenm3

    Hey guys, im one of the devs for for modding the game. Id like to share with you the basics of modding the game so you can do it too! We're making a youtube series on it, link down below. We're covering the basics of how to edit the cost of a monkey, all the way to creating custom weapons and 5th tier upgrades. Join us by clicking onthe link below

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  • Meta07

    Greetings everyone! This is the second chapter of ALLTYNEX! You can read the other chapters here!

    BGM: Zoldyzant Base

    Zoldyzant Base Computer: Attention! Sensors are picking up abnormal signal! Requesting security personnel to the beachside area to assess potential threat level.

    Guehala: ...Right.

    Two heavily-armored guards are dispatched from the base, and take a quick look at the rebel soldier.

    Guard: Unaffiliated human contact confirmed! Proceeding to terminate. Requesting backup support!

    Zoldyzant Base Computer: Affirmative! Deploying missile barrage at rogue subject!

    Suddenly, a storm of mini-missiles fire up from the cannon-shaped base, which Guehala quickly rolls aside to evade.

    The two guards then bring out their miniguns and take their aim ag…

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  • Realboy7

    Meet the Dark Crimsons, The Heroes of Today. They are the saviours of the area, and no one cares for them.

    Narrator- Once there were 2 friends, 2 partners and 2 heroes; Rhodus; a billionaire,a master of mystic arts and tech genius, and Nectas, a martial artist, begger and a skilled shooter. They faced really common threats like robbery and stopped them. 

    Tech Tacian- You think you can take on US?

    Rhodus- We have been doing it since the last month... Bring It!

    Tech Tacian tries to punch Rhodus but Rhodus dodges the attack. Bald Smash comes in and punches Rhodus hard.

    Rhodus- Oww! That was harsh, man!

    Bald Smash- Come on, Rashodakskoll!

    Rhodus- We have been fighting since last 4 weeks and you cannot even remember my name. Great.

    Nectas- Rashjhduewy,…

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  • Meta07

    Greetings everyone! This is the start of the first arc of the Tale of ALLTYNEX fanfic, ALLTYNEX! You can read the other chapters here!

    BGM: Declaration of War

    The year is 2192 AD...

    40 years ago, the supercomputer ALLTYNEX, the central command center for all of Eurasia's armies, suddenly went haywire...

    As a result, our war machines have turned against us, and a great massacre turned out, which we came to know as the First Mass Genocide...

    Over 75% of all of Eurasia's population has been wiped out...

    But the survivors have managed to escape and hide in the outlying islands. There, they slowly rebuilt their own independent army in the name of the Armed Saboteur Force, plotting their revenge against the mad computer...

    Now, the preparations have be…

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  • PlantShielder

    Bloons Defender I

    April 28, 2017 by PlantShielder

    Hello! I'm here with a rather small game idea that I had a while ago, called Bloons Defender. I decided to make it a blog game thing only because I can't really bother doing it in GameMaker right now, and because it's far more simplier to make something written, after all.

    This blog game will have duplicates if it's needed (hence why I put the "I" after the main title). It's an RPG game of sorts, mixed with a Tower Defense game.

    Here's how it works:

    • At the start of a run, you get $600 to purchase monkeys - the list with the price of each and every monkey is as follows, alongside their special effects.
    • Each monkey (and bloon) has a value which adds to the following stats: Attack, Defense, Speed and HP. Attack is, essentially, the amount of dama…
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  • TATemporaryAaron1101

    Somehow, there's a new generation of conceptors and a new generation of conceptions.

    Also, us veterans hardly ever make an appearance on BCoW anymore, I mean, you know, I don't know what to say, but, they may have grown bored of it? I have no idea.

    But I expect the new generation to be as good as us when we first step foot on this place nearly 5 years ago. I probably think that it won't, you know.

    Tat1101 (talk) 14:32, April 27, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Planterobloon

    Some thoughts

    March 20, 2017 by Planterobloon

    Every time I come on here, I feel like an old man, and I'm not even 15! I also feel really cringy (cringey?) whenever I see a post from three or four years ago.

    Is anyone from the old days still here, or did we all move on? Did we ever actually do the third Conception Tournament?

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  • LoverofAllThingsCute

    So, I will be making a Blooniverse that will have very little content in common with other Blooniverses. It will be discussed here as soon as I get to my desktop. Watch this space. Fuwafuwa-desu (talk) 18:39, December 26, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Mitzi5

    what i will be doing soon

    November 20, 2016 by Mitzi5



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  • Mental Skillness

    Is this wiki dead?

    November 5, 2016 by Mental Skillness

    Is it?

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  • Logo12

    To Fandom. In favor of things like Cancer Fandom, or Nazi Fandom.

    Now it's not only The People's Republic of Wikia, it's the People's Rebulic of Cancer Fandom.

    ...or maybe just "Nazi Fandom", it's dictatorship anyway

    don't ask.

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  • RCD2400

    Greetings Bloons wiki!

    October 21, 2016 by RCD2400

    So I'm a new user and I want to do good, Give me a chance HERE, and I want to be a member here :D

    Please DO NOT ban me (please) I may have been a horrible person on the discord chat but please Give me a chance HERE

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  • Magic Man 0oh

    Greetings, User.

    The Brutally Circular Pattern for numbers came up when two bored math enthusiasts were talking math. The pattern, created by seventh graders, IS the greatest example of exponential growth.

    Now just one simple statement for all those who think that this pattern is useless,

    The number googolplex was created by a 9-year old.

    If a 9-year old can come up with a number which can LITERALLY not be written due to lack of space in the whole universe, then two seventh graders can create a number that defies Graham and his abnormally large natural number. Firstly, before you can learn about the nigh infinite monstrous creation, you must learn The Brutally Circular Pattern.

    The Brutally Circular Pattern, created by BrutalDLX and Circle Du…

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  • Magic Man 0oh


    Rhodus and Nectas fight Tech Tacian and Bald Smash when Rhodus forcefully deploys a grapple mine and all are sent flying in the air. Tech Tacian and Bald Smash land in the local police station right inside an empty cell and are arrested for busting the roof. Nectas and Rhodus are thrown to a mysterious a junkyard where they meet the narrator and a mysterious portal called "The Parth". Afterwards, they discover themselves in a jet being driven by none of both. Who is this mysterious driver? Who was this mysterious portal? Was his billion dollar check legit? Or is he a scam? What do both these guys want? The driver is revealed as the Collector, who then invites both of them to the Contest.

    Rhodus- Is there peril in the Contest?


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  • Meta07

    Fanfic: KAMUI - Chapter 1

    September 10, 2016 by Meta07

    Greetings everyone! This is the start of the third arc of the Tale of ALLTYNEX fanfic, KAMUI! You can read the other chapters here!

    10 years after Ophiuchus' and Libra's deaths...

    Dr. Xaffiquel de Alice had gone missing ever since that fateful day...

    Despite that, the KAMUI project still managed to reach its peak, and KAMUI soldiers have started being mass-produced...

    Eurasia, under the leadership of Spica Astraea a.k.a. Virgo, has quickly recovered and risen to prosperity...

    Using new military technologies and help from the Appians, most of Eurasia's major cities have been quickly rebuilt, including its grand capital, Aeneas City...

    But the new ALLTYNEX-based supercomputer, now known as Nousu, has gone haywire again in its central base in Aenea…

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  • Nemo40

    New Avatar

    August 29, 2016 by Nemo40

    nemo40 (me) getted a new avatar!!

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  • Nemo40

    Really,register to start and grow this wikia!!

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  • Nemo40


    August 29, 2016 by Nemo40

    Really,why all creators dont add comments to my conceptions?? i have only 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 comments,all other in this wiki have 100 or more comments!!!,Now,Pls,COMMENT!!!!!!!

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  • DougieBomber12

    DougieBomber12 (talk) 06:25, August 16, 2016 (UTC)

    L.E.O, O.L.E.O, B.O.O.M, D.O.U.G.I.E, Sorceress Monkey and Code Bloon

    Thanks to whoever deletes these

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  • Btd456Creeper

    Hey...I'm back after more absence. This time, though, I'm here to stay!

    But that isn't the reason I made this blog. The reason is...well, just look at the picture.

    ...yeah. As you can see, I need some quick tips on how to do art. Also, I'm not limited to MS Paint anymore (thank goodness!). Just feel free to try and help, even if you think you're worse at art than I am (trust me, it's not possible).

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  • Magic Man 0oh

    Was this a mistake or intended? 

    I noticed that I am unblocked(and I can create blogs)

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    --MagicMan0oh (talk) 13:14, August 2, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Zathsu

    This page will eventually hold every chapter of Bloon to Fist, and has listed every currently written chapter. I have the entire story planned, but how I will tell it, how many chapters it will take, and if I will copy Meta and separate it into arcs are not, is all to be determined.

    • Chapter 1: Gone Too Far
    • Chapter 2: For Our Lives
    • Chapter 3: Unlimited Power
    • Chapter 4: Left For Dead
    • Chapter 5: Argania
    • Chapter 6: The Priest Monkey
    • Chapter 7: Bloodshed
    • Chapter 8: Lockdown Part 1
    • Chapter 9: Lockdown Part 2
    • Chapter 10: Lockdown Part 3
    • Chapter 11: Reunion
    • Chapter 12: The One Where They Meet Their Maker

    There is also a conception on the wiki that is an RPG for this story: Bloon to Fist: The Game.

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  • Meta07

    You can read the other chapters here!

    4 years after the events of Chapter 7…

    Ophiuchus has finally reached the end of his pursuit, after getting Libra’s location, who has decided to stop running away and confront her fate…

    As Ophiuchus enters Libra’s Hideout, located near the Mechanized Temple, the little woman stops playing her ominous organ and stands up, then turns around to face the menace.

    BGM: Final Hour

    Libra: *sigh* Please, I really didn’t want it to come to this…

    Ophiuchus: Don’t be silly, you harbinger of darkness and destruction! I’ve come so far to back away now… I will destroy you, and restore peace to this continent!

    Libra: Please… *Libra says while slowly stepping down the stairs* Starting to think you are some sort of hero now? *Ste…

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  • Meta07

    You can read the other chapters here!

    --This is the tale of the fight between the resistance forces and the grand continent's military forces--

    BGM: The Ruins -The ALLTYNEX Mother Brain-

    Phoenix walks inside the dark hallway of the old Alltynex base, with dim yellow lights showing his way… Eventually, he arrives at a large but mostly empty chamber, with old, shut down machines scattered across the borders of the room and a convenient chair in the center, with the woman in black sitting on it.

    ???: Oh, hello!

    Phoenix: Y…you! You are the commander of the invasion forces, aren’t you? Who are you?!

    ???: Me? I’m Virgo!

    Phoenix: What?! But I thought Virgo was…

    A. Virgo: Oh, her? That’s Spica. We just happen to both have the codename “Virgo” in our respectiv…

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  • Meta07

    You can read the other chapters here!

    BGM: Air

    Valkyness Soldier: Hey there, Phoenix! Thanks God... Come give us a hand around here, will ya?

    Phoenix: *cries in joy* Sure thing, brother!

    Phoenix runs towards the soldiers wearing a black-and-orange soldier, but is near-missed by a laser beam from the other side, full of thick, silver armor.

    Valkyness Soldier: Careful, these guys are strong! Much stronger than our troopers I may say, that's why we need you around here!

    Phoenix: Yeah, I can see that... WATCH OUT!

    Phoenix instantly shields to reflect some of the laser beams coming the Valkyness Soldier's way

    Valkyness Soldier: Whew, thanks mate! We must always be on close guard, you know... oh, right! There's a flank with hardly anyone guarding over there…

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  • Meta07
    1. redirect [1]
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  • Zathsu

    Oh Boy

    August 1, 2016 by Zathsu

    Don't you love it when you start emphasizing hard on something again, only to be overshadowed just because of bad timing?

    Because that's how Bloon to Fist is now. I stopped writing it, and now I've begun having a LOT more conceptions influenced on it again, but then suddenly Meta comes in writing some more stuff, and that means nobody is going to care about what I do, and therefore there is no point...

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  • Meta07

    You can read the other chapters here!

    --This is the tale of the fight between the resistance forces and the grand continent's military forces--

    BGM: The Final Resistance

    ???: Greetings Eurasians! We are the Army of Appire.

    Phoenix: W...what's going on?!

    ???: I will be straight and brief. We don't come here to wage war. Give us the individual called Ophiuchus and the location of the Senate, and we will let you have peace!

    Eurasian Soldier: Ophiuchus? I don't know what you are talking about!

    ???: I repeat. Give... us... Ophiuchus and the Senate!

    Eurasian Soldier: What Senate are you talking about?! We honestly don't understand

    ???: Alrighty then... you brought this upon yourself...

    With a breath of silence, the mysterious woman stretches out her arm...

    ???: A…

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  • TATemporaryAaron1101

    Well, this is for the Third Conception Tournament.

    I know that there's some progress making there. So far, we got more than 20 towers in the roster out of 32. But the rest? None of the have reached 20 and above. But that's fine!

    While the nominations are going on, I thought of making the divisions for the Third Conception Tournament.

    I know that the drawings you will see below will look terrible, but that's what I thought of the large size of 32 conceptions using the original style.

    I made another style for the divisions. I thought of it while messing around with Microsoft Power Point for some fun. That was when I thought of doing it the same way for the divisions of the tournament!

    I think that the absurd number of the conceptions may or may n…

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  • XZappypeachx


    July 6, 2016 by XZappypeachx

    The Massive External Offal Weakling, or M.E.O.W, of the M.O.A.B. class< is more of a help than a hinder. The M.E.O.W has a RBE of 11. There is nothing really special about this blimp, except that for one, It is very rare, kicked out for being a mistake. only a PU.RR% chance of seeing it. Two, It takes only 10 hits to pop, which it then spawns a kitty bloon(see Kitty bloon ). The M.E.O.W is just a small, fraile blimp that was never supposed to happen.

    Oh, and it feels soft and purrs.

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  • Meta07

    Some stock spell names

    June 18, 2016 by Meta07

    Here are some stock spell names for you guys to use, just in case any of you are making a wizard character in some fanfic or whatever! :D

    These spell names were not made by me, but by HotAirBalloon in an outrage! Kudos to him! Don't worry, I've asked for permissions, so you can use them as you wish. :)

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  • TATemporaryAaron1101


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  • TATemporaryAaron1101



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  • Meta07

    You can read the other chapters here!

    Phoenix then tries to run past Cancer and break into the Moonlight Base, but Cancer stops him with a combined laser beam from his two laser cannons, which Phoenix successfully shields but can't reflect.

    Cancer: You... infidel...

    Cancer's left bionic hand then suddenly transforms into another laser gun.

    Cancer: Very well then, if you are going to keep defy me...

    Cancer then uses his new laser gun to shoot short laser blasts towards Phoenix, who reflects them at Cancer, who in turn is barely fazed. However, now Cancer's right hand, also bionic, transforms into a giant (arm-sized) crab claw.

    Cancer: Then I'll just have to end you right here!

    Cancer then slashes Phoenix with the backside of his claw, but Phoenix pro…

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  • Meta07

    You can read the other chapters here!

    BGM: The Tragic Law of Nature -Prelude-

    As the army approaches, Phoenix also sees a HUUUUUUGGE robot, Sagittarius' mechanical combat vehicle, leading it. Sagittarius uses his main cannon to fire a similarly HUUUUUUUGGGE laser beam at Phoenix, though he manages to shield through while running outside of it, but his shield's energy instantly depletes afterwards.

    Sagittarius: Intruder, go away! We are not dealing with you!

    Phoenix promptly ignores Sagittarius warning, then proceeds to use his machinegun to break off some armor plates of his legs, while other big robots are standing still around Sagittarius' legs, looking at Phoenix, waiting for a command.

    Sagittarius: I repeat, we are giving you a chance to ret…

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  • Meta07

    You can read the other chapters here!

    BGM: An Eternal Fight

    Phoenix slowly approaches the Orbital Elevator. It doesn't actually take you into orbit, it actually just takes you atop a huge cliff, but since "Stratospheric Elevator" is not as cool a name, they named it "Orbital Elevator" anyway. He sees a few soldiers and automated turrets guarding the elevator's gate, but quickly disposes of them. However, as he enters, he looks up the shaft and realizes that he can't fly up there without a jetpack or something similar, so he decides to first look around, and finds a guy selling jetpacks just outside the gate.


    Phoenix: How much?

    Jetpack Salesman: Which mode…

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  • Meta07

    Greetings everybody! Here's a list of chapters in my new short fanfic series, The Tale of ALLTYNEX! It's based on the Tale of ALLTYNEX trilogy by Siter Skain, republished by Nyu Media, with each arc based on a game in the trilogy and each chapter based on a level in the respective game. Most of the story will reside in Arc II, End of Reflection, so I'm writing it first. Have fun reading, everyone, and thank you for supporting! ^^

    • Chapter 1: Assault the Enemy
    • Chapter 2: Attack the Zoldyzant Base
    • Chapter 3: The Biting, Cold Wind
    • Chapter 4: Last Defense Line
    • Final Chapter: Aggressive Attack

    • Chapter 1: Pinpoint Raid
    • Chapter 2: Stratospheric Passage
    • Chapter 3: Pierced Tragedy
    • Chapter 4: Critical Days
    • Chapter 5: Nadir
    • Chapter 6: Kaleidoscope
    • Chapter 7: Ras…

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  • Meta07

    Ok, some words to clear up confusions before we start...

    It's pretty simple, really... thing is, I've just completed the Tale of Alltynex series, a real PC SHMUP classic by SITER SKAIN, in particular the game RefleX, the longest and hardest installment of the bunch, and I was suddenly filled with creativity, so I decided to just write a short random fanfic based on that game's story, but with every major spaceship reimagined as a human, and with retconned plot, too, to go along with that. Each chap ter of this fanfic will detail one level from that game, so there'll be 8 chapters in total.


    • People know me better here
    • Wikia has more formatting options than
    • I'm too lazy to make a account. >_>

    ...Writer's block…

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  • Meta07



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  • LennyMogga

    stop posting pregnancy testers on the civilization 5 workshop jesus. also atleast provide some actual pictures for once also you wont find me in steam but i am in steam you just down know who i am in steam kek

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  • LoverofAllThingsCute

    Ripped from the .swf file for BTD5!

    Here's a potential application for these resources:

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  • Zathsu


    April 1, 2016 by Zathsu

    Everything is pink. This is a problem.

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  • LennyMogga

    An interview with a plant

    Q: Dear plant hows your life?


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  • LennyMogga

    The 6th level of the deep web is the surface of the "Extranet". Basically the Extranet is the internet for the Aliens. Only the most powerful people like the goverment can access this.

    The 7th level of the deep web is the body of the Extranet. this is where all the alien and weird stuff happens. Probably there is a AlienTube there where they post 3 Eyed 5 Legged Kittens destroying entire cities with their lazer eyes.

    Im not sure what to put here probably an Extragalactic Network

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  • Zathsu

    If there was one thing I noticed recently, its that many of the newer folk assume that in literally any situation, you can ask to adopt a page. While there is truly no problem with that and it leads to no punishment, it just seems like a lack of indication. I don't know how many people are willing to ACTUALLY hand over their page to somebody else, when all you need to do is name it the same thing, with your name in a parenthesis next to it, an example being: Glass Bloon (Zathus' Conception) (And no, this blog post IS NOT a viable excuse to put the link, and is therefore not selling out myself, this is the last and only link here).

    I myself take my work and what happens to it very seriously, and being asked to hand it over puts you in an una…

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  • Nixxx60

    Hey guys, today I've come back to talk about the future of the Bloons TD5 Custom Mod Development which i started somewere last year to bring some cool things to BTD 5. I ended up ditching the project around halfway through last year and had not updated it since then considering school and other projects i have to work on *I really don't wanna fail subjects xD* The main downside to the mod currently is custom maps, I have tried alot to be able to customize them but have had no luck, If i start working on the mod again that will be something I will be focusing most of my attention to since it is literally the star of the mod. Other than that I want to set a theme for the mod to base the towers and maps off of and maybe a cool new game gui. I…

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  • Doue

    Maybe we should get a new poll?

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  • Ace Tiger

    Chapter 1: Meet the Bloons

    There are thousands upon thousands of bloons in the Bloon Empire, all working hard to defeat the monkeys, a battle is lost after a Monkey Sub uses its ability against a ZOMG, two BFBs are taken down by Monkey Pirates, but still the bloons are persistent.

    Meanwhile, in an abandoned Monkey Fort, 6 bloons are doing nothing. They are Float, a red bloon, Pop, a regen blue, Seek, a camo green, and 3 pinks, named Spee, Dee, and Bloon. "Hey, should we help the others?" said Seek. "Sure!" replied the rest. The guards were three tack shooters. Seek went in both the shooters and knocked out the monkeys by slamming into them of course. "Easy peasy." A dart monkey tried to pop him but Bloon knocked him out too. "That was fun!" …

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  • Ace Tiger

    Mein Art

    February 22, 2016 by Ace Tiger

    Just posting some art I did.

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  • JustAnAgenderPerson


    February 18, 2016 by JustAnAgenderPerson

    I have found bullet hell games. Anyone have any recommendations for me? (BTW, I found it through Bullet Heaven, so please don't recommend that.)


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