Pierce Power: 2

Size: As a Dart Monkey.

Type: Normal, Shot.

Range: As a "longer range" Dart Monkey.

Fire Rate: As a Dart Monkey.

Flight: Same distance as Range.

Shot Speed: As Missile Launcher's missiles.

Special Targeting: Set Charge.

Price: $550


Path 1

Charge Cell-Increases Power to 10, by charging 2 seconds (Piercing power)

Power Charge-Store up to 50 Power, Charges on 8 Seconds (6/sec.)

Plasma Shot-Instead of Pierce, shots keep hitting until vanish. (Like Roadspikes. Also gives +50% Flight)

Solar Plasma Flare- Thrice as Deadly. Sunburn risk. (x2 Flight, Burns on a yellow flame 2 Seconds, pops 2 times a second! Detects Camo)

Path 2

Faster Recharge-Increases shooting rate (By 20%, Charge by 20%)

3-Way Gun-Fires 3 shots per shot.

Bolt Gun-Pops Many Layers per Bloon shot. Instant hit, and Chains on other Bloons (Pierce Power become Layer Buster Power, Up to 5 layers, then +1 each 2 Power until 15, then +1 each 4 power. Bolts will hit another Bloon, Popping 2 layers. Detects Camo)

LAZER Strike-Lightning Active Zapping Electric Rampager Ability-Strikes anything in his shot, Shocking and obliterating Bloons. (Strikes 10 times, for 20 damage each. it's like...a Railgun Burst, and shocks for 5 seconds each)

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