Blader Master-By Leonardo Vergara Concha

Master Chooper

Track: Bloons Circles.
Blader Master-Awesome Pilot

Epic Monkey Pilot

Difficulty: Hard

Prize: 500 Monkey Money, 100 Awesome.

Bloons: Gunner Bloons, Ceramic Bloons, Metal-Class Bloons, MOAB-Class, including Rocket and Lead MOABs.(there are TURBOs too)

The monkeys know this day will come, when bloon empire. will charge.

You control a Super Powerful Monkey Chopper. How long you will stand?.

(Targets all around. Fires 2 streams of missiles, super monkey speed, that pop 2 layers, affect 20 Bloons and deal x8 Damage to MOABs. Ability: Fires 40 Missiles, that pop 10 layers, and deal x20 to MOABs. Lasts 10 Seconds. Recharges in 80 seconds and explosions affect 100 Bloons. Has "Free" flight, follows your cursor)

The Master Chopper have 400 HP. If destroyed, the monkey will fall, and take on the bloons double-handedly with razor-sharp exploding triple darts. if knocked out (it has 50 HP) he will warp out 2 rounds, then return. He will run near your cursor, and set bombs that deal x20 damage to a M.O.A.B. when standing over one. Deals x50 to B.F.B.s and x100 to Z.O.M.G.s. Lose when bloons have broken through all your defenses, he won't be defeated so easily but will fight to the end.


The Monkey Hero uses the Chopper device to fly, and as a Shuriken item.

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