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Trained in the use of throwing knives, the Blade Monkey can pop two bloons per knife and attacks as fast as a 1-0 Ninja Monkey! Range = Monkey Apprentice. Cost: $450 Easy


Path I

'Harder Toss': The harder the toss, the further the knife goes! $85 Easy (range=X-1 Super Monkey)

'Faster Throwing': Self-explanatory. $260 Easy (speed=X-3 Monkey Engineer)

'Tomahawk': Dispenses with the knives and gets a tomahawk that can pop two layers off of the bloon that is first hit, and adds a powerful melee attack to the Blade Monkey. However, it has a minimum attack range... $510 Easy

'Supa-Chucker': Throws the tomahawk so hard, it can pop 100 bloons and does extra damage to M.O.A.B.-Class Bloons! $1700 Easy

Path II

'Red-hot Steel': The blade of the knife is cuts through lead and frozen bloons like a, well, hot knife through lead or ice. $260 Easy

'Special Eyewear': These goggles allow the Blade Monkey to spot camo bloons! $260 Easy

'Supa-speed': Greatly increases the speed of throwing. $850 Easy

'Pop of Doom': 'Pop of Doom Ability': Marks a spot on the track of your choosing as a bloon doom zone. All bloons going through the zone will take double damage from your towers. The zone lasts for twenty seconds. $5150 Easy.


  • A 4-X Blade Monkey has a buckskin coat, while an X-4 one has a red scarf.

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