The Black Void Shooter is a monkey that can partially control space. It can shoot mini black-holes that can suck bloons in a small radius. Said black hole will disappear after a while, releasing every bloons inside it, but these bloons have been popped by 1 layer. It doesn't work with MOAB-Class bloons though (they're too big and heavy for the hole) This monkey attacks very slowly! This monkey can also spawn in space without the need of an E.V.A. Suit!

Price: 1600$ on Medium

Path 1

Bigger Void

The monkey can now shoot bigger holes!

Price: 700$ on Medium

Ripping Holes

Black holes now pop bloons by 2 layers instead of 1.

Price: 2000$ on Medium

Void Pusher

Bloons will now be thrown back to the entrance after they're released!

Price: 6000$ on Medium

Sonic Pusher

Bloons are now thrown back so violently that they damage other bloons and themselves on impact. Also push the bumped bloons backwards, though not so far.

Price: 9000$ on Medium

Path 2

Longer-lasting Void

Black holes now lasts longer.

Price: 600$ on Medium

Faster Distortion

The monkey will now shoot black holes faster.

Price: 800$ on Medium

Projectile Blocker

Black holes can now suck nearby projectiles fired by bloons and later throw them back along with the bloons. (amount of bloons a projectile can pop = damage*5 (for example, a Commando Bloon's bullet can pop 40 bloons) Lightnings and I.G.B.M.s can't be reflected though.

Price: 7000$ on Medium

Absolute Void

Special Ability: For the following 10 seconds, black holes will destroy bloons completely instead of throwing them back,also works with MOABs and BFBs!

Price: 11000$ on Medium


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