Bee Lake
the track
Difficulty Nearly impossible
Terrain Grass, beehive, and honey drops.
Entrances 3
Exits 3
Water? Yes
Bee Lake is a nearly impossible (new track difficulty) difficulty track. The 3 paths are very near each other. they start on the left and exit on the right top. Unlocked at rank 80. The areas circles move every 3 rounds. If the first moves down, the second will move right. If the first moves up, the second will move left. It will always stay the same length.


Aiming a mortar tower in the center is a good idea. A lot of curves to put tack shooters.

Rules for nearly impossible:

  1. No road spikes/pineapples
  2. No saves
  3. 100 MM per attempt
  4. 15 extra rounds!
  5. Beat There Can Be Only One: Part II Mission first!


  • Easy, 65 rounds: 500,000XP, 250AP, and 600MM
  • Medium, 80 rounds: 1,000,000XP, 500 AP, and 1500MM
  • Hard, 100 rounds: 2,500,000XP, 1000AP, and 2500MM