The Baby Monkey is unlocked at rank 5, and throws 3 pieces of cereal at Bloons every 2 seconds.
Baby Monkey Artwork

Baby Monkey artwork.


Path 1

1. More cereal - Throws 4 pieces of cereal instead of 3. $300/350/375

2. Faster throwing - Throws cereal every 1.25 seconds. $450/515/540

3. Oranges - Throws oranges and cereal, oranges pop 3 layers of the first Bloon they hit, and slows it to 50% speed for 5 seconds, then the orange splits into 8 fragments, each fragment pops 1 layer of Bloon, and slows Bloons down to 60% speed for 2 seconds. $1,000/1,125/1,200

4. Basket Dumper - Throws baskets of 10 oranges on the track! Also increases attack speed to one shot every second. $5,120/5,300/5,400

Path 2

1. Longer Throwing - Baby can throw farther. $150/200/225

2. Eye Treatment - Baby can see Camo Bloons. $175/215/240

3. Oh Pineapples - Baby throws exploding pineapples. $500/580/620

4. Food Storm - Baby throws huge bunches of fruit every 1/2 second. Food storm ability: Throws food over the whole screen, popping 5 layers of all Bloons hit. Remaining food makes Bloons slip back.


  • A baby monkey becomes an Adult Monkey after 60 Rounds.
  • The Baby Monkey is the icon of Easy Difficulty in BTD4 and 5 (except Extreme Tracks).

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