Baby Monkey is a tower.It throws a toy car to attack in a range of a 0/0 Dart Monkey, smashing away 2 layers of bloons and popping 3 bloons at once.It's appearance is a real-life baby.It's speed to attack is as a Red Bloon moving.Baby Monkeys get a speed boost for 3 rounds by the things babys like (like television)

Cost: 450/550/650

Path 1 

Powered-up Baby

Can now pop 4 bloons and smash 4 layers of bloons at once.

Cost: 450/500/600

Even More Powered-up Baby

Now gets the speed boost for 4 rounds, has a range of a 2/0 Dart Monkey and it's normal speed to attack is as a Yellow Bloon moving.

Cost: 600/700/800

Toy Televisions

Instead of toy cars, now throws toy televisions that can pop 6 bloons and can smash away 5 layers at once.

Cost: 700/800/900

Diaper Thrower

Throws smelly diapers which blind bloons and make them crash into each other

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