Sniper Monkey


Upgrade 1

Upgrade 2

Upgrade 3

Upgrade 4

Sniper Monkey: Shoots a Fast Bullet every two seconds. Has full Screen coverage, Bullets pierce through 4 Bloons, Pop 2 Layers Of Bloon, Each Layer Counts As A Hit.

Eye-Rifle Skill

Infrared Night Vision Goggles

Semi-Automatic Burst Rifle

Send Supply Drop

Shoot Slightly Faster.

Allows Camo Bloon Targeting.

Fire Two Extra Bullets Each Attack.

Calls an Ally Plane that drops a Crate full of Cash.

Full Metal Jacket

Point 5-Oh

150-C Bullet

Unbreakable Will

Bullets Have More Power, Break Ice And Metal.

Larger Bullets Hit Through 50 Bloons.

Heavy Caliber Bullets Deal x3 Damage, have a power of 150.

Fires Straight Through Bloons, Destroying Them.

Precision Scope

Eagle Scope

Laser Scope

;Cripple MOAB Shot

Shots pop 4 Layers of each Bloon hit.

Shots pop 7 Layers of each Bloon hit.

Shots can pop 18 Layers of Bloons hit.

Shots Damage MOAB machinery, cutting off its Movement a second.

Upper path is mostly unchanged. 3rd Upgrade adds +1 Layer Buster and +1 Pierce, also makes shots Powered, so it pops Ice and Metal. Middle path gives power, Lower path, efficience. In example, a -/2/1 shot may hit 12 Bloons and a blue, while a -/2/0 may hit 25 Bloons, but just for 2 layers popped. Cripple MOAB deals +2 Damage to MOABs, and just Cripples 1st MOAB hit.

Tack Tower


Upgrade 1

Upgrade 2

Upgrade 3

Upgrade 4

Tack Shooter: Fires 8 weak, short range Tacks in 8 directions every second. Good for turns and loops on the Track.

Long Range Tacks

Blade Shooter

Razor Shooter

Blade Maelstrom

Smoother Tacks Fly Faster And Further.

Shooting Blades Pierce through 2 Bloons.

Razor Blades have long flight, slice through 5 Bloons.

Shooting x4 fast, covers the screen with Blades as it goes Spinning.

Faster Shooting

Rapid Firing

Tack Sprayer

Battery Shooter

Shooter Recharge And Shoot Faster.

Shoot Twice as Fast as Before.

Shoot 16 Tacks per attack instead of 8.

Twin Shooters twice the Power, fire rate and Awesomeness.

Red Hot Tacks

Tack Blast

Ring Of Fire

Overheat Blast

Hot Tacks weaken Metal Bloons, so other Towers can pop them.

Spare a second round of Tacks for use later.

Send 8 Fiery Fire bursts, and a powerful Fire Blast.

Intense Heat Pops Bloons From Inside Out, Burning MOABs, Harming Ones Inside.

Overheat Blast deals 100/250/500 Damage to MOABs/BFBs/ZOMGs, then burns them for 10 Damage/Second. Bloons inside burn for 20 Damage/Second. Ice Pulses cool it down for 10% slower Burn each. Arctic wind cools it in 10 Seconds too. Water shots cool it in 100 shots.

Dartling Gun


Upgrade 1

Upgrade 2

Upgrade 3

Upgrade 4

Dartling Gunner

Quick Feeding

Increased Barrel Spin

Spinning Vulcan

Full-Chain Dartling Driller

Increases fire rate.

Dartling Gun spins a lot faster.

Buzzes twice as fast, with more spread.

Fires 2 shots per shot. Spins faster too.

Steady Barrels

Focused Shots

Laser Cannon

Ray Of Doom

Halves The Spread Of The Darting Gun

Reduces Spread Even More.

Hits Through 13 Bloons, Pops Frozen, And Fires Faster.

Solid Beam of Bloon Destruction.

Powerful Shots

Depleted Bloontonium

Hydra Rocket Pods

Bloon Area Denial Active Super System

Shots fly faster, can pop 3 Bloons each.

Disintegrate any kind of Bloon.

Fires powerful Rockets. Explosions can pop any Bloon.

Fires 3 Rockets per shot. Can fire 100 Missiles each to the 100 nearest Bloons. 5 times. Ouch.

Quick feeding gives +20% Fire Rate bonus, Increased Barrel Spin gives x2 Fire Rate (as first) bonus. Laser Cannon gives +15% Fire Rate bonus, and Zero Spread. Depleted Bloontonium poisons Bloons, popping a layer after 3 seconds, also stacks up to 3 times. B.A.D.A.S.S. Ability may target the same bloons many times if there are less than 100 Bloons onscreen.

Dart Monkey


Upgrade 1

Upgrade 2

Upgrade 3

Upgrade 4

Dart Monkey: Awesome Monkey, And Bloons Worst Nightmare.

Long Range Darts

Enhanced Eyesight

Super Darts

Super Monkey Fan Club

Gives More Throwing Distance.

Enhances Range Even Further. Can Detect Camo Bloons

Darts soar through the air with Power.

Turns up to 10 Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys for 15 seconds.

Sharp Shots

Razor Sharp Shots

Triple Darts

Elite Commando Monkey

Pop 1 extra Bloon per Shot

Pop 2 more Bloons per Shot

Throw 3 Darts at a Time.

Takes on the Bloons Double-handedly. Can set Bombs on them.

Power Fling

Ninja Shot

Target Seeking Darts

Fire-Hot Shot

Charge Your Darts For Power And Range.

Throws With Ninja Accuracy.

Darts Home on the Bloons.

Darts Burn in Power! They won't lose against the Bloons.

Super Darts are Powered, have +1 Pierce, and fly 50% faster and further.

Elite Commando Monkey also attacks 50% faster, and have 25% more Range. Sets bombs just when near a Bloon, pop 2 layers. Did I mention that Darts explode into 8 Frags after max pops, and Bombs deal x10/25/50 Damage to MOABs, BFBs and ZOMGs?

Fire-Hot Shot have x5 Pierce, Element is Sharp, Fire and Powered. Burns an extra layer after a Second.


Full-Chain Dartling Driller shoots "2 shots" instead of "x2 fast" because the MIB Ability won't increase fire rate then.

A potential name for the Ray Of Doom was "Death Laser Beam Ray Of Deadly Dooming Doom That Kills Dead".

Imagine a 4/4/4 Tower.

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