BOOMtastic is a special mission that occurs in Monkey Lane. It consists of a 4/4 Cluster MOAB Assassin Tower protecting Monkey Lane from hordes of bloons. $2500 starting cash. Round number x 100 = cash every round.

Description: The monkeys have researched the 4/4 Cluster MOAB Assassin just in time! The bloons have hired their most powerful blimps to rush Monkeyopolis through Monkey Lane! Apopalypse Bloon has also made copies of its most trusted comrades: B.L.I.T.Z, A.R.I.A, S.P.I.C.A, Apopalypse Bloon himself and Genesis Bloon!

Special Tower

Name: Cluster MOAB Assassin (4/4)

Special: Pops black and zebra bloons. Can detect camo.

Special Ability

Name: Multi MOAB Assassin

Tower Unlocked: 4/4 Cluster MOAB Assassin

Info: Instantly destroys up to 9 B.F.Bs or M.O.A.Bs! Does 1000 damage to Z.O.M.Gs or higher (including Super, Apopalypse and Genesis Bloons)


Round 1: 15 Leads

Round 2: 10 Rainbows

Round 3: 25 Leads

Round 4: 10 Camo Regen Zebras

Round 5: 10 Camo Regen Rainbows

Round 6: 5 Regen Ceramics

Round 7: 5 Camo Regen Rainbows and 15 Camo Regen Leads

Round 8: 5 Camo Regen Ceramics and 10 Camo Regen Zebras

Round 9: 1 M.O.A.B

Round 10: 2 M.O.A.Bs and 5 Camo Regen Ceramics

Round 11: 4 M.O.A.Bs and 5 Camo Regen Two-Faced Bloons

Round 12: 1 B.F.B

Round 13: 1 B.F.B and 2 M.O.A.Bs

Round 14: 2 B.F.Bs

Round 15: 3 B.F.Bs

Round 16: 3 B.F.Bs and 5 Bacterial Bloons

Round 17: 10 Regen Ceramics and 1 Evolution

Round 18: 1 Z.O.M.G.

Round 19: 1 A.E.B.

Round 20: 1 Super Bloon

Round 21: 1 Super Bloon and 1 B.F.B

Round 22: 1 T.U.R.B.O

Round 23: A.R.I.A (Clone: 1500 HP) and S.P.I.C.A (Clone: 2250 HP)

Round 24: B.L.I.T.Z (Clone: 11250 HP)

Round 25: Apopalypse Bloon and Genesis Bloon (Clones: 15k HP)

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