The B.E.N.Z.E.N.E (Bacterial ENormous ZEppeliN of Eternity) is an infective blimp, much like the Bacterial Bloon. It moves as fast as a M.O.A.B. When it touches a MOAB or a BFB, that blimp will become a B.E.N.Z.E.N.E too, but a popped B.E.N.Z.E.N.E can't become a B.E.N.Z.E.N.E again. It takes 2500 hits to pop and spawn 2 MOABs and 2 BFBs when popped.


  • This could be considered a tougher version of the Bacterial Bloon, as it is a M.O.A.B.-Class Bloon with the Bacterial Bloon's abilities.
  • This is a reference to Owata-P's Benzene Series.

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