The Aurae Bloons are a Bloon Advancement unlocked alongside with the Aurae Saga. Well, in fact, MOST bloons in Aurae Saga will be Aurae Bloons! Anyway, the Aurae Bloons have 20% more speed and HP (if the current layer has less than 5 HP, it'll still gain 1 HP anyway!). And all of them have an ability where they emit an aura (in the form of a short burst) which can completely negate all the attacks flying towards them (yes, negate attack, that's the special things about these bloons) and will also stun the towers caught by it for 2 seconds (not much, right? Well let's say you meet a whole bunch of Aurae Bloons...). For appearance, it has a small, glowing dark green orb inside it. This is an Aurae Dust, and you have about a 45% chance to receive one when you pop an Aurae Bloon. The Aurae Dust's sole use is to craft Aurae Items. Aurae Dusts are Usual Items.
Green Bloon

A Green Aurae Bloon .

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