Normal Auracryst

The Auracryst Auracryst is a health-storage device that has the shape of a simple green crystal gem.  When an Auracryst is equipped to an enemy (bloon/blimp/Darthus,...), said enemy can't be damaged in any way until the Auracryst is destroyed. The Auracryst itself has a whopping 15.000 HP, and can sometimes wander around the track, dealing 20 HP damage to every towers that it cuts. Thus, it's only used by major, really powerful bosses!

E.N.T.I.T.Y.'s Auracryst

Auracryst 2
E.N.T.I.T.Y.'s personal Auracrysts Euracryst are white instead of green. They have the same health as the normal Auracrysts, but their offensive capabilities have been increased! The thing now deals 30 HP damage to any tower it cuts, and it's also gained the ability to shoot a laser beam that deals 20 HP damage to every towers the beam comes across! Ouch! But that's not all! E.N.T.I.T.Y. also has the ability to recreate all FIVE of them 16 seconds after they're destroyed, just to show you how terrible the fight with E.N.T.I.T.Y. would be! But don't worry, you've got the ΩΧ!

Monkeys' Auracryst

The monkeys' version of the Auracryst looks the exact same as a normal Auracryst. However, they can be crafted as a Crafted Item instead of an enemy. The recipe for the Auracryst is unlocked alongside Aurae Saga, and the recipe is:

  • 750 Aurae Dusts
  • A Crystal Shell (can be gotten as a really rare Loot Item that occasionally drops when you defeat a Z.O.M.G. or stronger blimp. I don't want to make a separate page for this)

The Auracryst is an Equip Item, and act pretty much like a normal Auracryst, except it only has 150 HP this time (tower HP, not bloon HP!), and it now has unlimited pierce against bloons so enjoy! (It still only does 20 HP to bloons though... pretty useless against M.O.A.B.s)