The armoury monkey is a monkey that managed to get up in the ranks enough to pull out the heavier weapons. He starts off with a crossbow with regular arrows.

Cost: 1330

Range: Super Monkey - Super Range

Speed: Sniper Monkey

Path 1

Flaming Arrows

This time the monkey has flame tipped arrows which gradually melt away layers, half the speed of the C'orrosive Glue upgrade on the Glue Gunner.

Cost: 500 on Medium

Sig Sauer

Now the monkey's pulled out an actual gun. He shoots as fast as Dart Monkey unupgaded, but can pierce 12 bloon layers.

Cost: 990 on Medium


Another trip to the armoury and he comes back with the MP5K (Monster Popping 5-Killer), and sacrifices bloon piercing power back to 5 layers, for rate of fire, almost as fast as a Super Monkey

Cost: 3150 on Medium


This primate has got his hands on what no monkey should ever use - an LMG. He can pop 18 layers, and fires as fast as a Super Monkey affected by the Jungle Drums upgrade.

Cost: 8500 on Medium

Path 2

Razor Tipped

Using basic kitchen skills, the monkey has now sharpened his arrows to a knife's tip, able to pop 4 layers of bloon.

Cost: 350 on Medium


The ape's crossbow now has a D4 deployer - Tack-tical explosive. When the arrow connects witha bloon, a small explosion occurrs, not powerful enough to pop lead, and 4 tacks in random directions fire out.

Cost: 970 on Medium

Grenade Launcher & Infrared Sight

The monkey has grabbed the bomb tower's backup weapon for his own - a grenade launcher. The range of the is increased, as well as the ability to see camo bloons. the explosion is now powerful enough to pop lead, but tacks no longer fire out.

Cost: 4000 on Medium

Sprayer of 'splosions

Ability: Freezes the screen, then carpet bombs it with powerful grenades that do 4x damage to M.O.A.B. class bloons, and also leave road spikes in the spot where it hit.

Cost: 12750 on Medium

What do you think? Is it over/underpowered or good? Is it too costly or not enough?

Leave me a comment with your opinion.

Note: Grenade Launcher upgrade does not require Bomb Tower. This is not based off Call of Duty, simply off my mind.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of photos, I thought of it very quickly.

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