Ammo Refill is a special button.It is made to refill the ammos of towers with ammos.Once you click it the game will pause and you will go somewhere like the Special Agents Hut, exept there are ammo refills! To refill an amount of ammo you must use Monkey Money to do it.

  • Ammo: 250 more ammo, costs 50 MM
  • More Ammo: 500 more ammo, costs 120 MM
  • Even More Ammo: 1000 more ammo, costs 300 MM
  • Bunch of Ammo: 2000 more ammo, costs 1000 MM
  • Treasure Chest of Ammo: 2700 more ammo, costs 1550 MM
  • MOAB of Ammo: 3500 more ammo, costs 2500 MM
  • ZOMG of Ammo: 4900 more ammo, costs 4050 MM

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