Airplane Parade is a Special Mission that only uses the Airplane Bloon, Airplane Blimp, and the Airplane Aerostat. Its on Airplane Track, Easy. The mission has 20 rounds. It is unlocked at Rank 35. $4,000 Cash to start. The Special Abilities of these three will not be used. $500 Monkey Money is the reward.


  1. 1 Airplane Bloon
  2. 5 Airplane Bloons
  3. 10 Airplane Bloons
  4. 1 Regrowth Airplane Bloon
  5. 5 Regrowth Airplane Bloon, 5 Airplane Bloons
  6. 10 Regrowth Airplane Bloons
  7. 1 Camo Airplane Bloon
  8. 5 Camo Airplane Bloons, 5 Airplane Bloons
  9. 100 Camo Airplane Bloons, 100 Camo Regroth Airplane Bloons
  10. 5 Airplane Blimps
  11. 10 Airplane Blimps, 200 Airplane Bloons
  12. 1 Airplane Aerostat

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