The Adult Monkey is the adult form of the Baby Monkey. To attack, they throw papers with sharp points. They throw at the speed of a Dart Monkey. All prices are on Medium Difficulty.


Path 1

Faster Throwing

Throws faster. (1.5x) Price: 200


The adult has glasses now, so it can see camos. Price: 500

Crossing Guard

The man is deciding to be a crossing guard. Opens his hand every 20 seconds to make the bloons stop. Price: 3000

MOAB Seeing Hands

The adult's hands are now bigger, big enough for MOAB-Class Bloons to see them. Price: 5000

Path 2

More Paper

Paper can pop 2 Bloons instead of 1! Price: 200

Even More Paper

Just like an x/2 Dart Monkey! Price: 300


The man is now a woman, can throw flowers instead of papers. The bloons look at the flowers, stunning them for a short time. The woman will have a baby soon... Price: 1000


Baby Ability: Makes a Baby Monkey. The baby monkey is permanent and can become adult as well. The baby ability can only be used once per Adult Monkey. Price: 2 Baby Monkeys AND $10000


This tower is not unlocked at a rank. The Baby Monkey will become an Adult Monkey after 60 rounds.

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