This page is for 182's Conception! Were you looking for the conception of the same name by Meta07?

19xx is a special mission.This is a 180 round special mission.This special mission changes the tracks every 20 rounds.You start with 5450 Money.The tracks are:

  • Cloud Graffiti.Rounds 1-20
  • Bookcase.Rounds 21-40
  • Beachpath.Rounds 41-60
  • Monkey World.Rounds 61-80
  • Birthday Cake.Rounds 81-100
  • Lucky 7.Rounds 101-120
  • Monkepire State Building.Rounds 121-140
  • Intelligence Town Monkey.Rounds 141-160
  • Alternate World.Rounds 161-180


  • Cloud Graffiti: M.O.A.B (due to you can't kill any other blimp at round 20)
  • Bookcase: B.F.B
  • Beachpath: A.R.I.A
  • Monkey World: S.P.I.C.A
  • Birthday Cake: Z.O.M.G
  • Lucky 7: S.U.P.E.R.B
  • Monkepire State Building: S.H.O.C.K
  • Intelligence Town Monkey: S.T.E.V.E
  • Alternate World: Chaos Bloon (be prepared!)


Upon the death of Chaos Bloon, the towers have finally killed the evil bloons and all the towers have made the bloons their friends.Then a MK-V appears and kills Death Monkey Tower.

  •  Death Monkey Agent: You have not done good by killing my friend.Now die! (attacks MK-V with his tesla cannon).
  • MK-VI: Killing my friends does not makes peace.Instead it makes death!
  • Monkey Policemen: What do you say? (shoots a rocket at MK-VI, killing MK-VI and MK-V)
  • A.R.I.A: Great! Now lets kill those evil bloons who are left! (shoots it's Star Shower at the Aurae Bloons)
  • Aurae Ceramic Bloon: Getting Auraecryst makes death! (thinks what will happen if the towers kill him)
  • Fire Lord: What do you say, Ceramic? (kills Aurae Ceramic and gets 900 Aurae Dusts) (makes Monkeys' Auraecryst and gives it to Master of Fire)
  • Master of Fire: (gives it to A.R.I.A.)
  • (end for this storyboard)